The NFL’s Favorite Boats

While some NFL players may own a midsize motoryacht, it’s the teams’ owners who lay claim to the biggest megayachts around.

Plenty has been written about retired (really, this time) NFL quarterback Tom Brady’s passion for boating. He reportedly owned a Wajer 55S before upgrading to a Wajer 77, a sweet reward after earning what’s estimated to be a net worth of at least $300 million.

But when it comes to the really big boats—the megayachts, superyachts and gigayachts—it’s the NFL team owners who have the goods. Sure, there’s an occasional story in the news about an NFL player spending a day on the water, but the people making a real splash on the docks are the ones who own the teams.

Article At-A-Glance

  • NFL players, such as Tom Brady, have good-size boats, but team owners have big yachts.
  • Several NFL team owners have sizable, pedigree European shipyard builds.
  • You’d never know the owners based on the yacht names.
  • The yachts cruise all over the world, including the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

European Shipyards that NFL Owners Choose

Europe has always been seen as the place to buy a pedigree superyacht, and owners of NFL teams naturally gravitate toward the best. They’ve commissioned yachts from Oceanco, Lürssen, Feadship and Royal Hakvoort.

Jerry Jones’ Bravo Eugenia

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones owns Bravo Eugenia, a 357-foot Oceanco that was delivered in late 2018. Forbes reported that, during the pandemic, Jones handled the NFL draft from on board—in a luxurious version of social-distancing. The yacht itself is noteworthy for its hybrid propulsion as well as its multiple helipads, which give Jones the ability to land on board pretty much anywhere in the world.

Jerry Jones’ Bravo Eugenia
Jerry Jones’ Bravo Eugenia Courtesy Oceanco

Shahid Khan’s Kismet

In 2014, Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan took delivery of the 312-foot Lürssen Kismet. It’s currently listed for sale on the Moran Yacht & Ship website at an asking price of about $160 million, with what the brokerage house calls a “decadent interior” by Reymond Langton Design. Accommodations are for 16 guests, with quarters for 28 crew. The yacht has a helipad, a spa, a swimming pool and an outdoor fireplace—a rare find aboard any yacht of any size.

Shahid Khan’s Kismet
Shahid Khan’s Kismet Courtesy Lürssen

American Shipyards that NFL Owners Choose

Some NFL owners skip the European shipyards (and their years-long waiting lists) altogether and go with American builds instead. These yachts are new or refitted after being purchased from previous owners, showing that it’s possible to get exactly what you want in a yacht even if you don’t choose the process of custom construction.

Steve Bisciotti’s Winning Drive

Baltimore Ravens majority owner Steve Bisciotti reportedly also owns Winning Drive, a Westport 130 that left the yard in 2012. This is one of the most popular American-model yachts ever, with the series in build since way back in 2000 and the company still offering new versions today. The 10-guest, seven-crew Westport 130 is also a popular model on the charter market, if anyone wants to book a different hull to get a feel for life on board Bisciotti style.

Steve Bisciotti’s Winning Drive
Steve Bisciotti’s Winning Drive Courtesy Westport Yachts

Stan Kroenke’s Aquila

This billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Rams (and numerous other sports teams) reportedly also owns Aquila, a 280-foot Derecktor that started life on the water in 2010 as Cakewalk—the largest private motoryacht ever built in the United States. The yacht underwent a yearlong refit at Pendennis and is currently available for charter through Burgess at a lowest weekly base rate of $945,000. Guests have full access to the onboard elevator, cinema room, spa and massage areas, and bridge-deck fire pit.

Stan Kroenke’s Aquila
Stan Kroenke’s Aquila Courtesy Pendennis

Tom Brady’s Boat

By comparison with these behemoths, Brady’s Wajer 77 seems small—but it’s actually the largest model in the builder’s line. It’s built for speed and silence, with a top speed of 37 knots and extensive use of insulation to dampen onboard noise. Smaller models from Wajer give all kinds of boat owners a chance to sample the kind of fun that Brady is having out on the water.

Tom Brady’s Wajer 77
Tom Brady’s Wajer 77 Courtesy Wajer

Wajer 38

The Wajer 38 is the entry-level model in the builder’s lineup, with 45 knots of speed (yes, it can outrun Tom Brady’s boat). The 300-nautical-mile range means this boat is well-suited for weekend getaways, and the fact that the boat is packed with seating and sun pads mean owners can bring plenty of friends along for the ride. Vripack in the Netherlands—also a superyacht designer—handled naval architecture, which explains the upscale feel.

Wajer 38
Wajer 38 Courtesy Wajer

Wajer 55S

This is the model that Tom Brady had before he upgraded to the builder’s larger flagship. The 55S is still in production today. It’s a 38-knot boat with a 400-nautical-mile range and a center-console design that allows great walkaround space for fishing and other water sports. Belowdecks, there’s accommodations for as many as four people, if owners want to spend the night on the hook. For the hull, owners can choose among a wide variety of colors, ranging from more subtle blacks and whites to high-octane yellows and pinks.

Wajer 55S
Wajer 55S Courtesy Wajer

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do more NFL team owners than NFL players own superyachts?

Generally speaking, superyacht owners are billionaires, while even the most successful NFL players tend to be multimillionaires.

Do any NFL team owners have yachts bigger than a football field?

A football field between the goal lines is 100 yards, or 300 feet. That means several NFL team owners have yachts that would be too long to fit inside their own stadiums.

Do NFL team owners keep their yachts near NFL stadiums?

Not usually. Dallas Cowboys owners Jerry Jones’ yacht, for instance, has been spotted everywhere from Vancouver to London.

Do NFL team owners with yachts also have other business interests?

Yes. Shahid Khan, who owns the Jacksonville Jaguars, made his fortune with Flex-N-Gate, which makes bumpers for vehicles. Steve Bisciotti, who owns the Baltimore Ravens, also owns staffing, recruiting and talent-management companies.

Do any NFL stadiums have dockage for yachts?

Not directly at the stadium, but there’s a marina adjacent to Soldier Field, where the Chicago Bears play, and boaters heading to Cleveland Browns games can tie up at the nearby Rock and Dock Marina at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.