Meet the Ferretti Yachts Infynito 80

The Ferretti Yachts Infynito 80 has 23-knot speed, a 1,000-nm range, five staterooms and a semienclosed foredeck design.
Ferretti Yachts Infynito 80
The Ferretti Yachts Infynito 80’s sun deck can be completely open or semi-enclosed. Courtesy Ferretti Yachts

Unique is a word that is easily overused, but when it comes to the overall aesthetic of the Ferretti Yachts Infynito 80, it’s an apropos descriptor.

This is especially true when taking in the yacht’s forward section. Look closely. In lieu of the traditional open, sun-drenched foredeck, this motoryacht’s superstructure stretches over it, all the way to the near-plumb bow, creating a semi-open deck that benefits from breezes, provides unobstructed vistas, and offers some protection from the elements. The space measures around 140 square feet and, according to Ferretti Yachts, can be set up with a dinette that has an extended table for alfresco meals. Or it can have a bar counter—owner’s choice.

Ferretti Yachts Infynito 80
As I surveyed this yacht’s semi-enclosed foredeck, the term observation deck came to mind. This is a place to take in the environment while still being protected from it. Courtesy Ferretti Yachts

Owners can also select the overall interior vibe on board via Ferretti’s classic and contemporary design schemes. The interiors were created by design firm Ideaeitalia. The classic layout taps into “earthy elements,” according to the boatbuilder, while the contemporary one focuses on “glowing woods and fabrics in fresh hues inspired by the colors of the sea.”

The connected-with-nature theme continues on the exterior decks in the use of lamellar teak with Forest Stewardship Council certification. Lamellar teak is a durable, engineered wood with teak on the top layer. The FSC designation means the wood has been harvested in a sustainable way.

Ferretti Yachts Infynito 80
Owners can select from two interior palettes. One is called classic, and the other is dubbed contemporary. The classic one is seen here and focuses on earth tones. Courtesy Ferretti Yachts

Adding to this build’s emphasis on sustainability, Ferretti Yachts uses regenerated leather, water-based paints and other recyclable materials.

The vessel has solar panels on the hardtop that collect energy to be stored in a series of 14 high-density lithium batteries housed in watertight steel containers, which reduces dependence on fuel-burning generators. This setup is part of what the builder calls Ferretti Sustainable Enhanced Architecture.

Ferretti Yachts Infynito 80
The Infynito 80’s belowdecks space measures 463 square feet with a four-stateroom scenario. It includes an amidships master, a forepeak VIP and two guest staterooms. There are also two cabins for three crew. Courtesy Ferretti Yachts

This motoryacht does, however, have traditional diesel powerplants. Ferretti Yachts says that with a pair of optional twin 1,400 hp MAN V-12 engines installed (standard engine specifications were not available at press time), the Infynito 80’s top speed should be about 23 knots, with a cruising speed of 18 knots. At a slow cruise of 12 knots, Ferretti Yachts says maximum range is around 1,000 nautical miles, based on preliminary data.  

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