Wooden Boats’ Semi-Bespoke Speedster

Wooden Boats Limo Tender 27 delivers comfort and 37-knot speed.
Wooden Limo Tender 27
The Limo Tender 27 is a customizable platform that accommodates up to 12 passengers.

Wooden Boats’ Limo Tender 27 is aimed at owners who want to create a versatile side ride that’s customizable and that can stand double duty as both a tender and a can-do day cruiser. Wooden Boats relied extensively on carbon fiber to create a strong and lightweight hull form that can carry up to 12 passengers—plus two crewmembers—while still attaining speeds of up to 37 knots when powered by a 270 hp Mercury diesel engine with a stern drive.

Whom It’s For: Boating enthusiasts seeking a tender that can accommodate people, pets and provisions while also delivering get-there-quick speeds and the kind of fun that encourages stand-alone adventures.

Picture This: You’re cruising Sardinia, and the internationally famous Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup is unfurling off of Porto Cervo. Your kids and their friends want to watch the massive sailboats racing, so you load up your Wooden Boats Limo Tender 27 and cruise out to the starting line. The guns fire, and, with speed to spare, you easily chase the racing sleds through the Maddalena Archipelago and home through Bomb Alley. Afterward, the boat’s fold-out swim platform proves universally popular.

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