Iguana Yachts’ Amphibious Center-Console

The Iguana Sport can sprint at 48 knots across the sea or walk onto the beach.
Iguana Sport
With a maximum of 700 hp, the Iguana Sport has a reported top speed of about 48 knots. Courtesy Iguana Yachts

The Iguana Sport combines the best attributes of Iguana Yachts’ existing Iguana range into a high-performance, amphibious-landing center-console that accommodates 12 people. The boat carries Iguana Yachts’ landing-gear system, which functions like retractable tank treads to facilitate beach landings on terrain ranging from soft sand and mud to rock-encrusted shores. The Iguana Sport also can negotiate beach landings in seas up to 4 feet. The Iguana Sport can handle up to 700 hp, delivered via dual optional Mercury 350 hp outboards. The standard configuration is a single 300 hp outboard. The hull carries hard chines that run from its plumb bow to its transom, and its undercarriage has dual strakes on either side of its centerline.

Whom It’s For: Boaters seeking 48-knot top speeds who also want the ability to land on any coastline and climb slopes up to 22 degrees.

Picture This: It’s a perfect summer day on Nantucket in Massachusetts, and the kids are clamoring to go exploring. So, you load up your Iguana Sport and take a run north to Great Point Lighthouse before spinning the helm south toward Eel Point. You cut the throttle, and then you deploy the boat’s integrated tracks. Moments later, your shortest crew members have already scrambled down the folding transom ladder to play in the surf, leaving just you and your partner to enjoy a few precious moments alone.  

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