Cheetah Marine’s Power Play RIB

Cheetah Marine’s R630 RIB can run on a single gasoline or diesel outboard, or it can go all-electric.
Cheetah Marine R630 RIB
Cheetah Marine’s R630 RIB can be powered with a gasoline or electric outboard. Courtesy Cheetah Marine

Cheetah Marine’s R630 is a RIB that’s built for today and tomorrow, thanks to its design for the electrified future. The R630 comes standard with a single 50 hp gasoline or diesel outboard, and owners can upgrade the boat to create an all-electric ride. The company achieved this versatility with an efficient cathedral hull that helps to hop the RIB onto plane faster—while plowing less water—than a boat with a traditionally shaped undercarriage. Additionally, the R630 has a flush, self-draining deck; sizable on-deck stowage; and belowdecks tankage. Bespoke designs are available.   

Whom It’s For: Owners who want to go electric, but aren’t ready to commit. Anyone seeking a RIB that can hit 25 knots with a single 50 hp outboard.   

Picture This: It’s a lovely January day off St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, and the kids want to use the e-foils. So, you load up your Cheetah Marine R630 and quietly cruise over to Caneel Bay Beach, on nearby St. John, for a fun day of foiling.

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