Candela’s High-Flying C-8 Center Console

The 30-knot Candela C-8 Center Console is all about performance, hydrofoil technology and customizable fun.
Candela C-8 Center Console
The Candela C-8 Center Console offers a top-flight speed of 30 knots and the ability to carry eight people. Courtesy Candela

The Candela C-8 Center Console is an electric, carbon-fiber yacht that rides on two hydrofoils. The boat’s onboard sensors constantly measure wave and ride height, plus pitch and roll. This information is fed into the vessel’s Flight Controller, which trims the foils up to 6,000 times per minute, removing all guesswork from “flying” the boat. In addition, the vessel’s 55-kilowatt C-POD drive is situated below the water’s surface. Its foils retract for accessing skinny waters, and owners can choose from a menu of customization options.

Whom It’s For: Adventure-minded boaters who want speed, performance and hydrofoil tech without the noise of an internal-combustion engine.

Picture This: It’s a crisp, clear late-summer afternoon on Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay, and you feel like having an adventure. So you and a couple of buddies hop in your Candela C-8 Center Console and hydrofoil around Jamestown Island, stopping for a swim at Mackerel Cove. And you’re back in Newport in time for dinner at The Candy Store.  

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