Durable Dayboat: the Arksen 28

The 40-knot Arksen 28 enables all-season, all-weather boating.
Arksen 28
The Arksen 28’s deep-V hull form is designed to slice and dice a tempestuous sea. Courtesy Arksen

The Arksen 28 is an all-weather day boat that’s built to dispatch choppy seas while maintaining a dry, comfortable ride for everyone seated inside its enclosed pilothouse. The boat is built from aluminum and carries a deep-V undercarriage, chines and strakes. Topside bumpers, along with the enclosed helm and salon, encourage year-round escapades in most weather.

Whom It’s For: Adventure-minded boaters seeking the safety, strength and performance of an enclosed-pilothouse vessel, an aluminum hull and 450 horsepower.

Picture This: It’s late summer in Castine, Maine, and you and your kids—plus some of their friends—take a spin past the islands surrounding the nearby Deer Isle Thorofare, with a scoop stop at the Stonington Ice Cream Co. on the way home. The Arksen 28 has no trouble pressing its 25-knot cruising speed (with forays into the 40-knot realm) while ferrying eight guests, and its hull shape makes short work of East Penobscot Bay’s whitecapped waters. Better still, the helm’s 360-degree sightlines simplify the art of dodging the waterway’s lobster-pot armada.   

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