Meet the XO EXPLR 44

Finnish boatbuilder XO Boats says superyachts inspired this aluminum adventure boat.
The all-aluminum XO EXPLR 44 can be powered with either twin 600 hp outboards or triple 450 outboards. Reported top speed: 50-plus knots. Courtesy XO Boats

XO Boats in Finland has unveiled its first adventure vessel: the XO EXPLR 44.

This is a builder that markets its designs as “crossover boats from the rough north.” XO Boats’ aluminum deep-V hulls are touted as being at the forefront of sustainability, since the melting of pre-used aluminum to create new boats requires only 5 percent of the energy used to produce the same amount of new aluminum.

There are two equal-size staterooms for overnight accommodations, including this forepeak setup. Courtesy XO Boats

XO Boats offers three lines of vessels: DFNDR, DSCVR and EXPLR. The EXPLR line includes five models that start at 28 feet length overall. In fact, all of the builder’s other models are smaller than 30 feet long. The new XO EXPLR 44 is the flagship for the brand, marking a leap in size to just shy of 44 feet length overall.

With the XO EXPLR 44, the builder says it intends to bring premium materials and naval architecture to adventure yachting. This boat can be ordered with either double 600-horsepower engines or triple 450-horsepower motors, depending on how much giddyap the owner wants to achieve. Reported top speed is more than 50 knots.

The view from the XO EXPLR 44’s aft stateroom. Courtesy XO Boats

Exterior styling on the XO EXPLR 44 is aggressive, giving off a vibe similar to military-inspired expedition yachts that are capable of cruising the polar regions. The angular shapes should look formidable entering just about any harbor.

“As we have discussed with our customers and listened to their feedback, we saw that there was demand for a yacht-sized craft from XO,” Erkki Talvela, CEO of XO Boats, stated in a press release. “With this launch, we aim to meet the needs of more demanding and quality-conscious boaters who also appreciate the elegance of EXPLR 44.”

The aft sun pad lets guests catch rays when desired or put up the poles and the awning for a siesta in the shade. Courtesy XO Boats

The boat has two staterooms that are equal in size, so nobody feels like they’re stuck sleeping in a kiddie cabin. The aft stateroom can be ordered with twin berths or a double, depending on the type of cruising the owner intends to do. There’s also a bunk in the pilothouse, meaning a total of six people can sleep on board.

For cruising in colder or warmer climates, the EXPLR 44 has heating and air conditioning. The roof has space for solar panels, if owners want to generate power off-grid, and there are roof racks for bicycles and other sports gear.

Convert that sun pad for alfresco dining and take advantage of the XO EXPLR 44’s grill and wet bar. Courtesy XO Boats

Is there companion seating at the helm of the EXPLR 44? Yes, there is. A skipper’s seat and a mate’s seat are side by side with full view of the helm displays.

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