Hot Lab Unveils Superleggera 80

The 262-foot superyacht is an Oceanco Simply Custom concept.
Superleggera 80
The Superleggera 80 is a 262-foot Simply Custom concept superyacht for Oceanco with interiors and exteriors by Hot Lab. Courtesy Hot Lab

The Italian design firm Hot Lab has unveiled plans for the Superleggera 80, a 262-foot Oceanco Simply Custom concept.

Simply Custom is the Dutch shipyard’s 80-meter platform developed by Lateral Naval Architects. Oceanco invited design studios to take that platform and create ideas around the common naval architecture and engineering. So far, 17 design firms have created concepts.

Hot Lab created the exteriors as well as the interiors for the Superleggera 80, including the six-stateroom layout on the four-deck superyacht. The idea was inspired by 1960s automotive design.

“We wanted the design to be soft and minimal, subtly related to the sailing style, edgeless, and with a great continuity of surfaces,” Enrico Lumini, a partner at the Milan-based design firm, stated in a press release. “In addition to this, we aimed to break some recurring patterns, such as the typical stern of a yacht with its staircases and hatches. For this, we concealed both under a veil of teak. When we design new items, we focus on certain details, chasing the goal of constant incremental innovation.”

Superleggera 80
Hot Lab says the Superleggera 80 is “bright and contemporary in its style and palette, with curved furniture, integrated lighting, wood and bright-lacquered finishes.” Courtesy Hot Lab

Hot Lab’s team says it was aiming for the same “sense of awe one feels in an expansive penthouse.” The main atrium, for instance, stands more than 16 feet tall with a central bar illuminated by a skylight. The beach club at the stern has a gymnasium with an opening balcony. On the aft deck, there’s a glass-ended pool.

“Italian design is first and foremost elegant, and we strive to be elegant,” Lumini continued. “Everyone has their own vision of beauty and elegance, but for us it means designing ‘less,’ removing rather than adding, cleaning rather than cluttering.”

Hot Lab describes the Superleggera 80 as bright and contemporary in its style and palette, with curved furniture, integrated lighting, wood and bright-lacquered finishes.

Superleggera 80
The four-deck superyacht has well-defined, well-proportioned alfresco entertainment spaces. Courtesy Hot Lab

The design firm says it was aiming for “architecture for voyagers,” meaning a yacht that combines style and utility, beauty and practicality.  

“Practicality is emotional. It’s that sensation that reaffirms to the owner, every time they experience it, that they made the right choice,” Lumini stated in the release. “The right designer, the right project, the right yacht. The union between perfect practicality and style means communicating to one’s clients, and they to their friends, ‘I did well. This is the yacht for me.’”

Is Hot Lab part of the Viken Group? Yes. The group also includes Tillberg Design of Sweden and Thalia Marine in Italy, providing design, naval architecture and project management services.

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