Hargrave 116 Reviewed

The Hargrave Custom Yachts 116 Romeo Foxtrot shows that owners can have a superyacht experience without massive length and volume.
Hargrave 116 Romeo Foxtrot
This 116-foot Hargrave was a big step up for its owners, who previously owned a 98-foot Hargrave yacht. Courtesy Hargrave

Tami Frain was so sure about the look and feel she and her husband, Rick, wanted for Romeo Foxtrot that she could taste it. She’s as big a fan of cooking as she is of boathandling and cruising. She has whipped up memorable meals aboard all of the couple’s previous yachts, including the 98-foot Hargrave Tigers Eye, which they had for 12 years before taking delivery of the 116-foot Hargrave.

With Romeo Foxtrot, Frain envisioned turning out dishes that would please everyone, down to the youngest grandchild. And yet, everyone else was convinced that the reality of owning a yacht run by professional crew would win out. Shelley DiCondina of Yacht Interiors by Shelley says she vividly remembers one of her first conversations with Frain about the design for Romeo Foxtrot’s galley. As Frain and Rachel Wike, a designer at the company, discussed color palettes and the overall ambience with Frain, DiCondina gently told Frain, “You’re not going to cook.” Frain replied, “Yes, I am,” without missing a beat.

Hargrave 116 Romeo Foxtrot
Romeo Foxtrot’s sky lounge has inspiring views and a formal dining area. Courtesy Hargrave

Today, although Frain has spent a good amount of time in the galley since the yacht’s delivery, she’s primarily discussing menus with her chef and crew at the four-person settee and corner table. And no one has a problem with the way things turned out.

It’s not often that experienced yacht owners are proved wrong. Then again, it’s not often that being proved wrong ends up being proved right about something else. When the Frains commissioned Romeo Foxtrot, they wanted a bigger yacht where their extended family could all sit together, put their feet up and relax. Being booted from the galley means Frain can spend more time with everyone (and squeeze in work when needed).

Hargrave 116 Romeo Foxtrot
The yacht’s interior and exterior spaces were penned with family as well as charter guests in mind. Courtesy Hargrave

Similarly, the Frains wanted big groups of charter guests to enjoy quality time with one another. Between smart space utilization and equally smart decor choices, they’ve succeeded.

Romeo Foxtrot’s beach club is one of the best examples of how the Frains’ vision came to fruition. Tigers Eye, delivered in 2007, had no beach club. Romeo Foxtrot’s extra length allows for a fold-down transom, perfect for the grandkids to board water toys while the grown-ups keep a watchful eye from the teak swim platform or the air-conditioned, shaded lounge. There’s also a steam room and a day head. In fact, the Frains insisted on having a day head on every deck, including the sun deck—quite uncommon for a 116-footer.

Hargrave 116 Romeo Foxtrot
For perspective, that’s an 85-inch TV in the owners’ sizable king-berth stateroom. Courtesy Hargrave

Also uncommon for a yacht this length, Romeo Foxtrot has two king-berth guest staterooms and two nearly king staterooms belowdecks. The latter beds are, according to DiCondina, just 6 inches shy of true kings, which tend to be the exclusive domain of VIP and master staterooms. Most yacht owners also tend to put at least one twin-berth stateroom belowdecks for charter, with the berths capable of pushing together. The Frains felt that four nearly identical staterooms (with different accent colors) would be attractive for charter.

The Frains also created a restful stateroom for themselves on the main deck. Big windows bring light into a cozy seating area that Tami Frain especially enjoys for sipping coffee or reading a book. Rick Frain, meanwhile, likes the 85-inch TV opposite the master’s king bed. As with the rest of Romeo Foxtrot, the decor in this stateroom includes rich walnut, creamy accents, and a pop of jade in the fabrics. There’s also a trellis made of high-gloss ebony that starts at the nightstands, then flows up overhead (headroom exceeds 7 feet) and onto a wall. A trellis is also overhead in the main foyer, visually distinguishing the dining area from the salon in the open-plan layout.

Hargrave 116 Romeo Foxtrot
Romeo Foxtrot’s hot tub is forward on the top deck. This deck also has bar seating and a dining table for eight. Courtesy Hargrave

From areas that guests won’t see, such as the captain’s cabin abaft the wheelhouse, to relaxation areas guests can enjoy, such as the waterfall spa pool on the sun deck, Hargrave Custom Yachts fulfilled the Frains’ desire for a much bigger boat than their previous one, with the features of even larger yachts. You could say that this combined team is cooking with gas.

Stunning Staircase

Romeo Foxtrot’s internal staircase has floating treads that spiral around a metal pole, essentially forming a sculpture in the midst of the open-plan main deck. This staircase is lighted beautifully at night. Rachel Wike of Yacht Interiors by Shelley came up with the concept.

Hargrave 116 Romeo Foxtrot
Shelley DiCondina designed the main-deck dining table from one board of Mediterranean oak, center-cut horizontally. Courtesy Hargrave

Not Done Yet

Although the Frains just took delivery of Romeo Foxtrot in 2022, the yacht is for sale. The Frains have another custom yacht under construction. It will be their third Hargrave and slightly longer, at 118 feet, and is scheduled for delivery in time for summer Mediterranean cruising. 

This Table Is Tops

Rick Frain loves wood. Shelley DiCondina of Yacht Interiors by Shelley designed the main-deck dining table from one board of Mediterranean oak, center-cut horizontally. The live edges are on the inside of the table, with gray epoxy in the center. The smooth sides face guests, while the organic edges are art.

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