Sunreef Power Eco Is A Think-Different Catamaran

The cruising yachtsmen who are buying Sunreef Power Eco catamarans have green ideas that extend well beyond solar power.
Sunreef 80 Power Eco
Hull No. 1 of the 80 Sunreef Power Eco is christened Sól. It premiered at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Courtesy Sunreef

Any yacht that’s built with a “solar skin” is bound to attract owners who have at least a few thoughts about the environment. Such is the case with Sunreef’s Power Eco series of catamarans. Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso recently took delivery of a 60 Power Eco, saying that sustainability considerations were fundamental to his vessel choice. The owner of the first 80 Power Eco, christened Sól, built the yacht entirely cruelty-free, including far more than avoiding animal-derived fabrics such as leather.

As just one example, there’s a composting machine on board Sól. It lets the chefs reduce trash by turning scraps into fertilizer for island farmers, who, in exchange, provide the yacht with locally grown microgreens. “This is definitely different,” says chef Sara Nelson. “I don’t know any other boat doing these things to the level that we’re doing them.”

Fernando Alonso
Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso recently took delivery of a 60 Sunreef Power Eco. Courtesy Sunreef

The captain of Sól thinks about sustainability right down to the crew’s polishing tools for the hull. “You need woolies, but I had to go to the manufacturer to see if it was real wool or not,” Capt. Jack Gorman says. “These are synthetic wool. That’s what we’re going for. Everything down to the bottom paint is cruelty-free. Ablative bottom paints, if you put 20 gallons of that on your yacht, it sloughs off into the environment, and it’s bad for the reefs. We’re using a silicon base without biocides.”

The 80’s two rotating chefs trained in plant-based cooking with celebrity chef Matthew Kenney. Aboard Sól, they will prepare any type of food that guests prefer, but they are ready for charter clients who want all-vegan menus.

Sunreef 80 Power Eco
Sól is accepting Caribbean charter inquiries this winter through Regency Yacht Charters. Courtesy Sunreef

“Most people are reducers,” the 80’s owner says. “A small percentage of the world is vegan, but the majority of people have been looking for plant-based options—not necessarily three meals a day, but they will choose a plant-based dinner some percentage of their evenings.” Aboard Sól, he adds, “it’s delicious, exquisite, high-quality plant-based options.”

As their name implies, the Sunreef Power Eco yachts also have electric power. Sunreef has been adding energy-saving air-conditioning systems, along with custom battery banks that are lighter—and, therefore, can be bigger—than the types of batteries some other builders are testing.

Sunreef 80 Power Eco
Sunreef builds these catamaran hulls with what the shipyard calls a “solar skin.” It includes composite-integrated solar panels that are also part of each yacht’s Bimini roof and superstructure Courtesy Sunreef

The result is the kind of cruising and charter experience that appeals to people who are eager to make an eco-friendly turn. As Alonso puts it, “long, fume-free and quiet cruises let you enjoy the seas on a whole new level. This yacht has some amazing technology that cannot be found anywhere else.”

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