Compass Tenders 10.1m Open Tender

The 10.1m Open Tender from Compass Tenders has Yanmar power, 36-knot speed, and a hydraulic bow door.
Compass Tenders’ 10.1m Open Tender
Compass Tenders’ 10.1m Open Tender has a hydraulic bow door that simplifies getting on and off the beach. Courtesy Compass Tenders

Compass Tenders’ 10.1m Open Tender is designed to transport guests safely and comfortably while still offering performance- and fun-minded amenities. The tender is powered by dual 320 hp Yanmar engines and sterndrives to deliver speeds up to 36 knots, and it carries multifunction displays to simplify navigation. Business aside, the 10.1m Open Tender has multiple lounging options, a swim platform and steps, and a hydraulic bow door, which simplifies sandy landings.

Whom It’s For: Boaters who want speed, comfort and the ability to take 12 people almost anywhere.

Picture This: The main ride is berthed at the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda, but everyone wants to go exploring. So, you load up your 10.1m Open Tender and zip over to Devil’s Bay National Park to check out the massive granite boulders.  

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