Yachting’s Dozen: Wallygator

Wallygator was among the pioneers of full power-assisted sailing. One of Yachting's Dozen from our October 2011 issue.

October 4, 2011

Type**: 105-foot ketch
Builder: Concordia Custom Yachts
Year: 1994
Original owner: Luca Bassani, president of Wally Yachts

Why this yacht matters: Bassani set out to produce a lightweight, high-performance cruising yacht that one person could sail single-handedly, and he enlisted the helping hands of hydraulics to realize his goal. Though she was plagued with problems and put Concordia out of business, Wallygator was among the pioneers of full power-assisted sailing, which has trickled down to yachts half her size.
From the pages of Yachting_: The 105-foot Wallygator_ thrives on high-pressure oil. Propulsion, sail trim, daggerboard and anchor handling are all fluid-driven, which reduces formerly onerous tasks literally to the push of a button. By manipulating a pair of joysticks, the helmsman can spin the yacht around her keel, drive her sideways, or crab diagonally fore and aft._ — Michael A. Smith, November 1994

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