A Yacht Slide — at a Yacht Club

Members in Monaco can now enjoy the inflatable ride without a superyacht.


Inflatable water slides have become a must-have toy aboard superyachts, especially those available for charter. They turn any anchorage into a personalized water park, shuttling guests from the sundeck to the water surface with an exhilarating ride.

Members of the Monaco Yacht Club can now enjoy the same thrill, but without the superyacht. The club recently installed its own FreeeStyle Cruiser Slide, turning the building into its own version of waterpark fun.

The slide is just shy of 50 feet high — that’s about five stories — and is available to members and guests. If you look closely at the photograph, you can see the inflatable black brace that keeps the slide’s arc in place, just the same as the brace works on the side of superyachts.

Learn more about these slides at www.freestylecruiser.com.