Yacht Crew Run ‘Limitless Marathon’

Fund-raiser saw crew of charter yacht Seanna jog a combined total of 250-plus miles.

2014 Limitless Marathon

Yacht crew participated in the "Limitless Marathon" to raise funds for charity.Courtesy International Yacht Collection

The 168-foot Oceanco Lazy Z, together with the Crew Division of International Yacht Collection, held the second "Limitless Marathon" in late January to raise funds for the Milo Hanlon Bursary, which helps new yacht crew in the industry.

More than 200 crew members from charter and private yachts attended throughout the day. Chris Pyle of the 213-foot Benetti Seanna earned first place and a paddleboard from National Marine by running more than 25 miles. Stewart Main, captain of Seanna, ran 23 miles to earn an iPad Mini from Yacht Fuel Services. Together, the crew of Seanna logged more than 155 miles of running for the charity event.

Other award-winning participants were from the 144-foot Palmer Johnson_ Four Wishes_ and the 239-foot HDW Plan B.

Overall, $5,000 was raised. To donate to the Milo Hanlon Bursary, visit www.justgiving.com/michaelmilohanlon.