Wild Water Toys

Wild water toys are found on luxury yachts worldwide.

March 19, 2015
The Cruiser from Freestyle Slides is custom-made (and priced) for each yacht, stretching up to 60 feet above water, with a thrilling 45-degree drop for ­adrenaline-drenched high speeds. At 16 feet, the slide weighs 264 pounds and can be deployed in about 20 minutes.
The JETPAD is a Lithium Ion battery-powered water go-kart that’s fun for the whole family.
ParrLuxe Sea Cabana ($35,000) is an inflatable island that can party up to 20 people, and it can be customized with canopy, ice chest, sea pool and ladder.
The Subwing ($295 to $895) pulls you at 2 to 3 mph, and suddenly you’re swooping and turning with the grace of a dolphin. Go deep and then zoom back to blast above the surface.
Climbing Wall ($16,200) from Green Yachts provides a fun challenge as you choose among three color-coded “routes” up the wall. Lose your grip and you’ll fall safely with a kerplunk.
Aquaglide SuperTramp ($999 to $3,999) is an inflatable floating trampoline. It has three sizes for three to five users; options can turn it into your own on-the-water, well, water park.
Seabob ($9,777 to $13,435) is a personal watercraft that tows you on the water as well as under it, to depths of 132 feet (with scuba gear). It runs for more than an hour at speeds to 13 mph on the surface and 9 mph when submerged.
WaterBlob from Springfield (custom-built and -priced) is an air-filled “blob” that you moor beside your yacht. One person climbs aboard the blob and a second person jumps off the yacht onto the blob, catapulting the first person into the air to a watery landing.
This FreeStyle Pool has mesh sides and a weighted bottom to allow lounging in the water while keeping unwanted marine life from your toes. It comes in standard sizes or can be customized to fit your yacht, including name.
Bic ACE-TEC (starting around $950) is a stand-up paddle board that is the hot, new on-the-water toy for exercise and fun. In all sizes from junior to adult, the ACE-TEC has models that range from ultra-stable/entry-level to high-performance. They use a carbon-fiber paddle and easily convert into windsurfers.
Jet Surf ($12,500 to $15,000) is a powered surfboard that weighs about 30 pounds and combines a powerful two-stroke motor with a nimble carbon board to skate across the sea at speeds to 35 mph. Using a hand throttle and foot straps, you’re ready to carve some serious turns.
SeaMagine‘s Triumph ($1 million to $3 million-plus) is a compact, personal mini submarine that can carry three people to depths of 1,540 feet inside a bubble that provides an exceptional view. Designed for easy boarding from a yacht, the cabin has a clamshell entry door and inflatable bladders so the sub floats at the level of the transom platform. Normal underwater time is up to six hours, although oxygen scrubbers provide a four-day reserve. Inside, the sub is maintained at sea-level pressure. ABS-classified, the Triumph has a single-point hoist and lifts aboard like a tender.
FreeStyle Dock (custom-built and -priced) is a versatile float that extends your swim platform for easy docking of personal watercraft and Seabobs. Easily stowed, but rigid when inflated, each dock is customized for the yacht.
Tidal Roots hand builds wooden stand up paddleboards from locally sourced white cedar, and they look amazing. These SUPs would make the perfect complement to any water toy collection.

Not so long ago, having a personal watercraft (let alone two!) on a yacht was considered extravagant. Today, he who has the most toys wins. Why? For one thing, there is a trend toward “doing things” as relaxation, and that translates to more toys. Yachts have also evolved, with more space for stowing this seriously fun stuff in transom garages, on oversize swim platforms and on upper decks with davits for launching them. So jump on in, the water is fine.


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