What’s the No. 1 Boat Insurance Claim?

Lightning, grounding, fire and collision all made the Top 10, but aren't most common.

Boat sinks in Hurricane Sandy

Patrick Sciacca

BoatUS Marine Insurance just released a list of the top 10 insurance claims, in terms of dollar value, that boaters filed during the past eight years. Here's a look at what's snagging most people out on the water, and what you should look to avoid if you don't want to become yet another statistic.

No. 10: Lightning

No. 9: Theft (Nine out of 10 stolen boats are taken off trailers.)

No. 8: Injury (Primarily among non-boaters who are onboard guests.)

No. 7: Grounding

No. 6: Collision

No. 5: Fire or explosion. (Wiring is usually the culprit in fires, while improper fueling can lead to explosions.)

No. 4: Striking a submerged object

No. 3: Weather or wind

No. 2: Sinking

No. 1: Hurricane damage