We Want. We Need. We Must Have.

Onne van der Wal is set to release two new photo books: Sailing and Nautical Newport.

Onne van der Wal photography

Onne van der Wal has two new stunning nautical photography books coming out.Courtesy Onne van der Wal

One of the best photographers in the world of yachting has two new coffee-table books coming out: Sailing, which features nearly 300 pages' worth of boats everywhere from the tropics to icy locales, and Nautical Newport, a 175-page softcover highlighting one of our favorite boating towns in America.

The photographs were taken by land, air and sea. They show yachts sailing, cruising and competing, providing a visually arresting look at the world of yachting from incredible angles. Sailing even includes panoramic gate-fold pages with coordinates from the very spot on the earth where each photograph was taken.

When is Christmas? A half-year away? We can’t wait that long. We need these beauties now.

Order your own copies at www.vanderwal.com.