Walking the Planks

Try on the year’s must-have shoes for boat show season.

September 30, 2014
Oak Street Boat Shoe

Oak Street Bootmakers’ Boat Shoe

Formal Footwear
Seemingly designed for a yacht club party on the docks in New England, Oak Street Bootmakers’ Navy Suede Red Brick Sole Trail oxfords ($286) sport red bottoms and are dressed up by a hand-stitched, navy-blue top. Brown rawhide laces complete the ensemble. Providing good grip in wet weather but not impervious to rain, these shoes make a smart choice for fair-weather outings.
Zach Stovall

Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoe

Tried and True
Despite expanding its brand to include sneakers, boots, flip-flops and other types of water-resistant footwear, Sperry Top-Sider’s most popular model is the Authentic Original School Spirit 2-Eye boat shoe ($90). Similar to the first model that debuted in 1935, it pairs sure-footed grip with timeless style. If the white-on-gray color scheme isn’t bright enough for you, try adding the free colored laces.
Zach Stovall

Rancourt and Atlantis Boat Shoe

Made in Maine
Whether crafting boats or boat shoes, the folks in Maine know how to build things that stand up to the elements. The Madsen sailing shoe ($325) made by Rancourt & Co. in Lewiston, Maine, is no exception. Hand sewn using waterproof and stain-resistant suede with a leather midsole and rubber sole, these shoes are made for the water and yet are fancy enough to wear to a cocktail party.
Zach Stovall


Show Your Sole
Keep an eye out at your next boat show and you’ll notice some superyachts offering custom baskets, like the Italian Yachtsman’s cross-hatch shoe basket ($1,195) for you to shove your shoes in before boarding. Like a well-crafted yacht, the basket is a work of art with rows of nautical lines seamlessly flowing into the teak woodwork. It’s also functional, with open patchwork for water drainage and air circulation.
Zach Stovall

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