Vitters 140 African Queen and 140 Whirlaway

Vitters Shipyard has launched two new yachts.

Vitters Shipyard, Ed Dubois (naval architecture) and Redman, Whiteley, Dixon (interior) have taken advantage of the freedom of building a 140-foot sailing yacht. African Queen's fetching profile is partly a function of her LOA, which provides all the interior volume one expects without sacrificing an elegant profile. Fine mahogany joinery found belowdecks gives the staterooms and common areas a pleasant dual personality-formal when necessary and casual when the mood strikes. Launched in June, African Queen is expected to spend her days cruising.

As her name, Whirlaway, suggests, this 140-foot sloop, also from Vitters, is meant for speed with luxury. Her light ship displacement of 167 tons is 48 tons less than that of African Queen, which is built on the same hull. A racier superstructure than that of her sister states Whirlaway's mission, as do her North 3DL sails. According to the builder, this yacht will be on her way by ship to the waters of New Zealand to compete in the 2003 Millennium Cup. -D.C.

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