As Venice Sinks, MTU Stands Guard

Gensets powered by MTU engines will run new floodgate barriers for the Italian city.

Artist's rendering of Venice floodgates

This is an artist's rendering of how the Venice floodgates will work. MTU engines will run the gensets that operate the floodgates during power outages.Courtesy NPR

The battle to protect the storied city of Venice, Italy, from sinking into the sea is now being waged in part by marine-engine builder MTU.

Venice officials have started construction of an underwater flood barrier that can be raised during extreme tidal conditions. The system will use 20V 4000 MTU-powered gensets to raise the barriers should there be a power outage during major flooding.

MTU Italia has already delivered eight engines to the genset manufacturer, and four more engines are scheduled for delivery later this year. Construction of the system is about 75 percent complete and was preceded by a work program that MTU describes as “unequaled anywhere in the world for the size of the area involved, nature of the problems tackled, and scale and characteristics of the measures implemented.”

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