Van der Valk to Open New Shipyard

Van der Valk plans to open a new shipyard this spring in the Netherlands.

Van der Valk
Courtesy Van der Valk

Van der Valk, a Dutch shipyard that has built in steel and aluminum since 1968, plans to celebrate its 50th anniversary by opening a new production facility this spring.

The production hall will let Van der Valk build trideck yachts more than 130 feet length overall, a size range that doesn’t fit in the builder’s current facility.

Van der Valk says the new hall’s steel framing is complete, with the roof and walls expected to go up by the end of March.

What's launching soon: Van der Valk has seven yachts scheduled to launch this year, including three flybridge models (59, 75 and 88 feet length overall), two raised pilothouse models (85 feet LOA), an explorer yacht (82 feet LOA) and a BeachClub 600 (62 feet LOA).

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