Ultimate Toys

Today's large-yacht owners know how to play off and onshore.

October 4, 2007


The Cessna Corporation prides itself on building planes with as few parts as possible, creating aircraft that are maintenance friendly and relatively simple to operate. This is why the company’s aircraft, especially the C60 on floats, make sense as onboard accessories, according to those familiar with the aviation and yachting industries. Price on request. Cessna, (715) 800-4CESSNA;


“Buy two. They’re Small”, is the slogan on the Mini Cooper billboard near Yachting’s headquarters. BMW definitely has the right idea-except it should expand its thinking from home garages to megayacht tender garages. With dealers throughout the United States and Europe, this real-life version of a Matchbox car makes good sense to store as a ship-to-shore vehicle, regardless of where you keep your yacht. Base price: about $20,000. Mini USA, (866) 476-MINI;


Like many things in the boating industry, the 206B-3 JetRanger III helicopter evolved from military roots. Its success in the military contributed to making it one of the most popular single-engine helicopters in the commercial market. The JetRanger is well suited for megayacht use, as it has a great safety track record, is fairly simple to operate (as far as helicopters go, according to the experts we talked to) and has worldwide customer support. Price on request. Bell Helicopter,



In April 1946, the first Vespa motor scooters rolled off the line in Pontedera, Italy. Enrico Piaggio created the Vespa in response to a need for inexpensive transportation that would suit men and women alike, and could traverse the ravaged roads of post-World War II Italy. Little did he know these motor scooters would find their way to megayachts. The Vespa is available in nine colors and in a 50cc version, which means you don’t need a motorcycle license to operate it. It also comes in a 150cc four-stroke version, which will reach speeds over 60 mph. Price: $3,000-5,000. Vespa, (310) 604-3980; [email protected];


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