Truly Darwinian: The Evo 43

The Evo 43 evolves the concept of smaller yachts with expandable beach clubs.

Evo 43
The Evo’s modular seating makes her layout options seem infinite. Afterdeck lounge seating converts to sun pads and ottomans move, creating little nooks and crannies where all the best conversations happen.Courtesy Evo Yachts

When it comes to the Evo 43, the first thing everybody wants to talk about is her expandable after section, which certainly warrants a large piece of the conversation. But we’ll get to that in a moment. First, I want to expound on a bit of a surprise involving the 43.

With an after section like hers, one might be tempted to think that she excels only when stationary. But that’s not the case. This boat shoots across the water. When I recently took the 43 out off Fort Lauderdale, Florida, her Valerio Rivellini-designed hull ate up a 2-foot slop with ease, even at 38 knots with the hammer down. And she came off the tops of occasionally larger swells with an exceptionally soft landing, thanks to a steep entry. At the same time, the yacht’s hard chine kept her drier than a good martini.

Evo 43
With her hull expanded and her optional Opacmare dive platform down, the Evo 43 becomes a boat that truly lets guests commune with the marine environment. Want to rinse off after your swim? A transom shower is available.Kelagopian

Rivellini is based in Naples, Italy, and has 14 boats up to 52 feet long to his name. The experience shows. Sure, the Evo’s lines are eye-pleasingly sleek, but we’ve come to expect that out of Italian dayboats. But here’s the kicker: For a vessel with so many moving parts, the Evo was impressively solid in our less-than-­ideal sea conditions. That’s a testament to ­well-thought-through engineering.

Evo 43
The Evo 43’s profile is sleek, and her lines are distinct. The squared-off, military-style windshield complements her soft sheer line well. There’s a subtle interplay here indicating a keen eye for aesthetics. She’ll be appreciated for that. May we suggest cruising Miami during Art Basel?Courtesy Evo Yachts

Because the Evo’s after section makes her different, many an old salt would look at her and pontificate that the boat’s hydraulic system — which folds and unfolds her beach from a regular beam of 14 feet 8 inches to 20 feet 7 inches — would eventually fail, leaving nothing more than a stationary, albeit stylish, pontoon. To counter that notion, redundancies are built in. And if all else fails, a hand pump on board lets owners manually unfold or bring in the hull.

But as for the Evo’s fun side, owners can personalize the boat with one of nine hull colors and 10 upholstery colors. Notable add-ons include a carbon fiber T-top and 16,000 Btu air conditioning belowdecks.

Evo 43
The Evo 43’s interior has a convertible berth and a head. The amenities are intended to let owners spend a night or two on the hook. Interior options include leather furnishings and a mirrored LED television.Courtesy Evo Yachts

Also notable, modular seating makes all the difference when on the hook and fully flexing this boat’s muscles. The ottomans’ aft can be removed, and the bench seats to starboard and port can flip up to make more room for, well, with this boat, my best guess would be a dance floor. After guests work up a sweat boogieing away under the summer sun, it’ll probably be time to take a dip. The optional Opacmare lift lowers a piece of the swim platform to create a step. Or the bolder guests on board can raise the platform and create a de facto diving board.

I suspect with a boat like the Evo 43, the latter will be the more popular choice.