Top Luxury Tenders 2016

These tenders caught the attention of Yachting's editors.

November 15, 2016
Top Luxury Tenders 2016

Whether it’s acting as a dive platform, helping you catch fish or taking you from the yacht to some glamorous abode or watering hole, a good tender will never let you down — and might even earn a place in your heart.

Wajer 55 Tender
Wajer 55 Courtesy Wajer & Wajer

When your tender has a tender, it’s usually a pretty good sign that you’re doing OK in the world. With that in mind, allow us to introduce you to the Wajer 55. Holland-based Wajer (sounds like wire) has been in the business for nearly 25 years and has a well-earned reputation for excellent engineering and craftsmanship. This 55, the yard’s new flagship, has an irrepressibly sporty feel thanks not only to her sharp lines, but also to her performance, which is powered by three 435 hp Volvo Penta IPS600s. The choice of pods, by the way, leaves enough space aft for a 9-foot-6-inch Williams Turbojet 285 tender. And if your tender having a tender isn’t the American dream, then what is?

Williams Sportjet 460
Williams Sportjet 460 Courtesy Of Williams

This 15-foot British speedster from Williams is reminiscent of a sweet little Austin Healey out on the water. The builder says this boat has a smoking top speed of 48 knots and a hull that tracks true with a kung-fu grip on the water’s surface. Excellent traits, all.

Cockwells 9.5m Limousine Tender
Cockwells 9.5m Limousine Tender Courtesy Cockwells

The striking lines of this glamorous yet super efficient limousine tender should complement its mothership, a 289-footer, rather well. Cockwells dreamed this boat up in collaboration with noted naval architect Andrew Wolstenholme, and it should hit a zesty 32 knots on the pins thanks to a single Yanmar engine. The guest-friendly layout means everyone will be comfortable during the trip to shore. The British builder is known for the level of customization it offers its clients, so owners can pick and choose nearly anything they want to be aboard. If you’re thinking of buying a Cockwells, it’s time to rev your imagination — just about anything is possible.

Novurania Chase 23
Novurania Chase 23 Courtesy Novurania

Long a staple of the mega-yacht world, Novuranias can be seen skittering around the planet’s most fashionable anchorages. This Chase 23, with her deep-V performance hull and veritable oodles of seating, should provide an exceptionally smooth ride as it ferries guests from yacht to quai.

Chris Craft Calypso 26
Chris Craft Calypso 26 Courtesy Chris Craft

Chris Craft didn’t become an American classic by accident. The brand earned its reputation with slickly lined, well-built boats such as this Calypso 26. The Calypso seats eight thanks to its open bow layout and should make for a nearly ideal sunset cruiser.

Boesch 625 Sunski
Boesch 625 Sunski Courtesy Boesch

Simply put, the Boesch 625 Sunski was built for fun. She has two water-ski poles, six speakers and a PerfectPass Star Gazer system to help the skipper keep track of the guy he’s whipping around behind him. And with classically inspired lines and color schemes, she’ll look good on the water too. Boesch,

Invictus 370 GT
Invictus 370 GT Courtesy Invictus

For a good dash of Italian style, check out the Invictus 370 GT. Such options as the boat’s hydraulic swim platform and opening side terrace let you commune with the sea, while side windows elongate her graceful lines. This boat will look great wherever you take her.

Carbon Craft CC160 Vega
Carbon Craft CC160 Vega Courtesy Carbon Craft

If weight is an issue, look no further than Carbon Craft, the manufacturer obsessed with strong, lightweight carbon fiber. This Vega version of the CC160 lives on board a 75-foot sailing catamaranand weighs a svelte 1,500 pounds. Sleek, light and sexy, this miniature runabout is the Kate Moss of tenders.

RIBCRAFT Express 32
RIBCRAFT Express 32 Courtesy Ribcraft

If a smooth, stable ride and dependability are important to you in a tender (Hint: They should be), you need to know about Ribcraft. A large part of the builder’s business is providing vessels for first responders and commercial enterprises. That means this Express 32 will get you there, and safely.

Protector Tauranga 38
Protector Tauranga 38 Courtesy Protector

To boaters who live in harsher environments, the name Protector is well-known. Its boats, including this Tauranga 38, have excellent stability and handling. The builder’s Hydro-V hull is designed to provide soft landings that won’t leave you an inch shorter after a long ride.


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