Technohull’s New Flagship: The Omega 45

The Technohull Omega 45, with optional engines, is expected to hit 74 knots.

technohull omega 45
Top speed with quad 400 outboards: 74 knots! Cruise speed: About 48 knots.Technohull

Technohull in Greece has unveiled its new flagship, the Omega 45. With an optional power package, the yacht is expected to achieve a top-end speed of 74 knots.

The center-console RIB has four “shockproof” seats beneath a T-top for protection from the sun. Inside the console is a head for days when the boat is far from her superyacht mothership.

Owners can choose triple outboard engines from 300 to 400 horsepower, or what the yard calls a “radical option” of quad 400-horsepower outboards for a top speed of about 74 knots and a cruising speed around 48 knots. Inboard diesels are also an option.

technohull omega 45
Diesel inboard power also an option for this RIB as well as surface drives. The Omega 45 leads a five-model series from Technohull that starts at 22 feet.Technohull; Marina Vernicos

About the Omega 45's hull design: It's what Technohull calls its DynaStream, created with algorithms to position everything from steps to strakes.