Tahoe Keys Resort

Tahoe Keys Resort Is a Mountain Lake Paradise


Ever stood thousands of feet above sea level and gazed down into crystal blue water? Or sat at the end of your dock and watched the sun set over snow-capped mountain peaks? Maybe it’s time you head to the Keys. Not the mangrove- lined shores that drip off the southern tip of Florida; there’s another set of keys, if you will.

Nestled on the shores of South Lake Tahoe, the West Coast’s premium inland boating destination, Tahoe Keys Resort is the only AAA-rated vacation destination in the area, and with good reason. “There is…something for everyone,” says Lisa Underwood, vice president of sales and marketing. “We manage about 140 privately owned homes and condos, most all of those have private boat docks.” In addition, the resort has a plethora of amenities for guests and residents. Turn the kids loose on the children’s playground or let them splash around in the indoor and outdoor pools. Adults can get in a workout at the complimentary health club and have a soak in the community hot tub. Or take to the tennis courts to decide who will grab the check for the famous rumrunners at the Fresh Ketch, the lakefront restaurant at the Tahoe Keys Marina.

In addition to the many on-site facilities, Tahoe Keys Resort also encourages their guests to leave. “We have a fleet of bicycles available in the summer and fall,” says Underwood, “and our guests can check those out and there are wonderful bike trails around Lake Tahoe, and specifically the Tahoe Keys neighborhood itself. We’re very close to area bike trails that go out to Camp Richardson and some of the more remote beaches. Toward Emerald bay…there’s probably five or six wonderful beaches that are accessible by just riding your bike.” These remote beaches offer a wonderful place to escape crowds and relax in tranquil seclusion at Tahoe Keys Resort.


If you came to Lake Tahoe for something more than lying on the beach, there’s plenty to do in the area. “You see a lot of people out walking around, riding their bikes, [we’re] very recreation oriented,” says Underwood. “I don’t live in the Tahoe Keys but I actually bring my dog down-there’s a wonderful trail that borders a wildlife preserve just on the outskirts of the community.” But boaters get the best view of the panoramic scenery from the middle of the lake. Of course, Lake Tahoe’s biggest draw is the water sports: waterskiing, wake-boarding, wind surfing, and much more.

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Didn’t trailer your boat out to the lake? No problem. “There are boat rentals within the Tahoe Keys marina,” says Underwood. “So you can always rent a boat for a day or two, and again, have the ability to pull it up right behind your house…a very rare occurrence here in Tahoe.” The Tahoe Keys Marina offers boat rentals ranging from a jet ski or a kayak all the way to a large sailboat or motoryacht. There is also the option to set up a day of sport fishing, or, for the adventurous, take a hot-air balloon ride over the lake.


Tahoe Keys offers a different kind of boating experience, for a special vacation you won’t soon forget. So pick out a weekend or a week and enjoy all that Lake Tahoe has to offer in comfort and style. Enjoy the Fresh Ketch’s Oyster Tuesday, have a rumrunner on the lawn, and watch the sun set over the boats and the mountains, because as Underwood says, it’s “Just beautiful.”

Tahoe Keys Resort, (866) 921-2793; ****


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