Super Air Nautique Team Edition

The Super Air Nautique Team Edition will turn heads.

Maybe I am showing my age, but this 21-footer from Correct Craft reminds me of a dressed-out Pontiac Trans Am of an era long passed. No doubt for those young in years and in spirit, wakeboarding and waterskiing behind the Super Air Nautique Team Edition will turn heads. She might even drag attention from the bigger go-fasters.

This boat has function as well as style. The Flight Control Tower has an exclusive rack that holds four boards up and out of the way. Once the boards hit the water, it is all about performance and creating the right conditions. Correct Craft uses a standard 330 hp GM power plant. Controlling the functions is a Nautique Smart Pod, which houses the keyless ignition, the soft-touch switches for accessories and the PME computer that monitors it all.

Of course, all boarders and skiers care about are sights and sounds, including those of the big Clarion sound system with Kicker amp, subwoofer and six speakers.

Nothing is prettier than a perfect wake to cut through, fly over or rest between. For the skinny boards, less is mostly better. Boarders desire some height, and the front ballast tank, when full, creates a sizable platform for launching.

The Team Edition has a five-year bumper-to-bumper promise warranty.

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