Greenboats Flax 27

The Greenboats Flax 27 is a high-performance daysailer constructed with sustainable materials.

Wine corks recycled from wineries make up the Flax 27’s deck.Courtesy GreenBoats

The Flax 27 is a high-performance daysailer built by the German company GreenBoats using environmentally sustainable materials. Judel/Vrolijk & Co. drew the Flax 27′s slippery-looking lines, and GreenBoats built the sloop using natural fiber (reinforced) composites, which consist of linen fibers and flax-seed-oil-based epoxy rather than glass-reinforced plastics. GreenBoats also uses a vacuum-infusion process. The Flax 27′s core materials are created using recycled plastic bottles, and its deck is built with remnant wine corks.

“One-off projects are always difficult to calculate beforehand,” says Friedrich Deimann, GreenBoats' CEO and founder, about the highest hurdle in creating the Flax 27. “We were very lucky with our client, who treated us like a partner. This allowed us to explore different alternatives during the build process and maximize the learning curve.”

GreenBoats’ resin systems are currently 40 to 60 percent plant-based, but the company envisions moving to 100 percent in the next three to five years.Courtesy GreenBoats

While GreenBoats has initially focused on sailboats, there’s no reason that the company can’t use NFC to build high-performance, environmentally sustainable and sexy-looking power yachts. “Everything that’s built out of GRP can be build out of NFC,” Deimann says.

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