Wooden Boats: WB14

The Wooden Boats WB14 is a nearly 46-foot, 40-knot limousine tender.

Look closely and you’ll see twin cocktail tables with six cup holders between the curved settees aft.Courtesy Wooden Boats

Wooden Boats in Viareggio, Italy, designed this limousine tender for use with a superyacht that is under construction. The 45-foot, 11-inch WB 14 Limo is built using waterproof plywood and carbon fiber, allowing it to be rigid and relatively lightweight, to the tune of about 15,870 pounds. Cruise speed with twin 370 hp Yanmars is reportedly 34 knots for a range of 200 nautical miles, with a top speed of 40 knots.

Whom It’s For: This limo is for the superyacht owner who wants to ferry guests from the yacht to a glamorous port with a smooth ride and a classic look inspired by Venetian water taxis.

Picture This: It’s blowing hard, and the Med is rocking. You’re on the private balcony of your 300-footer’s master stateroom. The lights of Monaco twinkle in the distance. You have a reservation at La Marée for 14, all of whom will arrive safe and sound thanks to your WB 14.

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