Dynamiq Announces New Superyacht Models

The Italian shipyard’s new 2021 range will include 12 yachts ranging from 88 to 164 feet.

Dynamiq GTM 90
The Dynamiq GTM 90 can come in three versions: “Transformer, “Sportfisher” and “Beach Club.” Courtesy Dynamiq Yachts

Dynamiq announced its new range for 2021: the Gran Turismo Transatlantic (GTT), the Global series and the GTM 90 sports yachts.

GTT yachts are all-aluminum and can make 20-plus-knots, Dynamiq says. As for the steel-hulled Global series, these boats are focused on interior volume, comfort and silent, long-range cruising. The GTM 90 series can come in either “Transformer,” “Sportfisher” or “Beach Club” versions, as Dynamiq says this series is meant to integrate the superyacht philosophy into a smaller footprint.

Dynamiq GTM 90
Regardless of which version of the Dynamiq GTM 90 owners select, each can reportedly cruise for 750 nautical miles at 12 knots; top hop is 30 knots, Dynamiq says. Courtesy Dynamiq Yachts
Dynamiq GTM 90 interior
Accommodations for the Dynamiq GTM 90 allow owners to host eight guests with four crew. Courtesy Dynamiq Yachts

Dynamiq says it is also working on a “secret” fourth range that will be presented at the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show in September. In total, there will be 12 yachts in Dynamiq’s range from 88 to 164 feet.


Of the GTT line, the 135 can travel the farthest (5,000 nautical miles) of any of Dynamiq’s new yachts at 10 knots; top hop is 21 knots. The G 500 Hybrid can cruise for 4,500 NM at 10 knots while accommodating 12 guests and nine crew. As for the GTM 90 and its three versions, each can reach a top speed of 30 knots and can travel for 750 NM at 12 knots while hosting eight guests and four crew.

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