Benetti’s B.Yond Expedition Yacht

Benetti Yachts has penned the 119-foot B.Yond, a design combining luxury with long-distance cruising ability.

The B.Yond 37M is the first model in Benetti’s line of steel-hull expedition yachts.Courtesy Benetti Yachts

When it comes to setting standards of excellence, Benetti Yachts has decades' worth of practice. The Italian shipyard, founded in 1873, got its start building sailing ships and eventually delivered more than 100 of them. The switch to motoryachts followed with the times, and by 1980, Benetti had produced Nabila—a 281-footer that launched as one of the largest yachts afloat. More recent launches have stretched well past 300 feet length overall.

Now comes the B.Yond 37M, the first model in Benetti’s line of steel-hull expedition yachts. At a time when yachtsmen are keenly interested in finding the quietest corners of the world, Benetti is expanding its range to help them get there.

The layout is unusual, with the bottom deck reserved entirely for crew, laundry, stowage and the like. The main deck is set aside for guest accommodations with broad ocean views (and the option of private terraces). Aft on this deck is stowage for 21- and 14-foot tenders, along with other toys, and folding gunwales to launch them all. The guest relaxation areas usually found on main decks, such as a salon and dining area, are moved to the upper deck on the B.Yond 37M. The bridge deck above that has a hot tub and seating aft, while the sun deck has dining with uninterrupted views all around.

During times when the Benetti B.Yond is tied up stern-to at the dock, guests can still feel secluded thanks to the foredeck relaxation area.Courtesy Benetti Yachts
With all the guest staterooms on the main deck, the upper deck is entirely devoted to relaxation and dining areas.Courtesy Benetti Yachts

Propulsion is hybrid diesel-electric to reduce environmental impact, with zero-emissions speeds as part of the package. And the B.Yond can be loaded to explore, with the capacity to carry nearly 1,600 gallons of water and about 18,500 gallons of fuel.

At 10 knots, her range is reportedly 5,000 nautical miles. Which is, of course, the whole point: to set a course for the great beyond.