Williams Jet Tenders Set the Standard for Modern Luxury RIBs

Offering superior performance, comfort, and all-out enjoyment for everyone on board.
Williams Jet Tenders
As the luxury tender of choice for discerning owners and leading yacht manufacturers, Williams have been setting the standard for modern yacht tender design and quality for almost 20 years. Williams Jet Tenders

For yacht owners everywhere, their tender is another means to express their penchant for style, luxury, and exclusivity. For many, selecting a rigid inflatable boat as their yacht’s little sister is a natural choice. The lightweight, rugged, and versatile nature of a RIB allows it to handle yacht tender responsibilities with aplomb.

But innovation is the name of the game in the yachting world, and RIBs are no exception. Over twenty years ago, Williams saw the opportunity to transform a standard RIB into a luxury yacht tender offering superior performance, comfort, and all-out enjoyment for everyone on board. They’ve been perfecting their craft ever since.

With the introduction of jet propulsion into their lineup in 2002, Williams positioned themselves at the forefront of providing the luxury yacht tender experience, first with their innovative Ski Rib and then with their original performance tender line, the TurboJet. To this day Williams has continued to innovate, expanding to five lines that include 14 models of luxury tenders accommodating yachts from 38′ to 131′ and beyond. They even designed a custom tender launching system so owners could launch and retrieve their tenders with ease. Consequently, Williams has developed into the luxury tender of choice for many of today’s builders with their garages and storage platforms being specifically designed to accommodate a Williams.

When it comes to enjoying the same elevated experience whether on your yacht or blasting around in its sidekick in search of adventure, the tender you choose can make or break the experience. Read on to learn why a Williams should be at the top of your list.

The Benefits of Jet Propulsion

One of the biggest issues facing any yacht owner and crew is the need for space. Whether it be extra room for guests or storage. There never seems to be enough of it. And the same holds true for their tender. So what happens when you eliminate a bulky outboard engine? Therein lies one of the biggest benefits of jet propulsion…additional interior space within the same overall footprint. As a result, you end up with extra seating and storage options as well as a functional transom area with a swim platform and swim ladder.

Performance both in terms of speed and handling for such a small package is immensely impressive. Easily capable of pulling water-skiers and towing toys as well as reaching speeds in excess of 40mph, a Williams jet tender will let you pack more adventure into every day. Not to mention making it inherently safer for guests who jump in for a swim and anyone re-boarding from the water thanks to the elimination of exposed moving parts under the waterline.

Once done, the lack of that prop and shaft means your tender will fit into your yacht’s garage or onto your swim platform with ease. No more wrangling an outboard or catching the prop on your teak.

Williams Jet Tenders
With no bulky outboard or exposed parts below the waterline, a jet tender promises safety, comfort, and performance for everyone on board. Williams Jet Tenders

Evolved Design

From hull design to ergonomics, details make all the difference when it comes to a well designed tender.

An intuitive layout of controls and electronics when you’re at the helm is vital to operating a tender safely. Equally as important, you want to be comfortable no matter how you’re positioned and that extends to anyone at the helm, no matter their size or height.

Hull design is critical to not only high and low speed handling but ensuring your comfort and keeping you dry. It’s why so many yacht manufacturers spend such considerable R&D resources to enhance their models’ seakeeping abilities. So why should your tender not benefit from the same level of dedication?

In the nearly two decades since the TurboJet 325 first debuted, Williams have continually refined their proprietary hull designs utilizing the latest design technology, tank testing, and real-world performance to ensure their tenders deliver the same experience you’ve come to expect from your yacht.

Williams Jet Tenders
From hull design to ergonomics, details make all the difference when it comes to providing a luxury tender experience. Williams Jet Tenders

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

Helping bring those evolved hull designs to fruition is the building material that reigns supreme in the world of yachting, fiberglass. For decades, yachts have been built with an open mold lamination process meaning sections of fiberglass are either laid by hand or sprayed into a mold, covered in resin, and the process repeated until the desired thickness is achieved. However, it’s an imperfect process capable of introducing air pockets as well as inconsistent thickness into the finished product thus weakening it.

Enter resin infusion, also called vacuum infusion, which has become the ticket to modern fiberglass boat construction. Resin-infused hulls are significantly stronger and lighter with more consistent quality control than their laminate counterparts. Equally as important, the closed resin molds offer a cleaner and healthier manufacturing environment and dramatically reduce the emissions released during the manufacturing process.

Once you’ve covered the “Rigid” in RIB it’s time to talk about the inflatable tubes, the heart and soul of any RIB. It’s their defining characteristic and what makes them so tough yet lightweight. And while many options exist, when it comes to tube material, nothing compares to Hypalon. It’s a synthetic rubber that is highly resistant to UV rays and accidental exposure to gas, oil, and chemicals. Not to mention it’s puncture-resistant and easily stands up to the rigors of a yacht tender’s daily use.

This is the reason why Williams incorporates not only resin-infused hulls across their entire product range but also exclusively uses Hypalon for their tubes.

Williams Jet Tenders
William’s online Build My Tender tool allows you to outfit and customize your tender to your exact specifications regardless of where you are. Williams Jet Tenders

Fully Customizable

Of course, no luxury yacht tender is worth its salt if the owner can’t fully customize it to perfectly match their yacht or outfit it for their unique needs. Whether those on board crave adrenaline-filled adventures, sunset cocktails in a secluded cove, or a stylish way to arrive in a glittering port of call, a yacht’s tender says much without saying a word.

Williams offers virtually limitless ways to customize your tender; match your tender’s tubes and gelcoat to that of your yacht, select custom upholstery colors and materials, include options like premium sound systems and underwater lighting for a fun-filled on water experience, or add chart plotters, depth sounders, and other safety features to ensure a worry-free day at sea.

Takes things a step further with Williams’ exclusive “Build My Tender” feature on the website. Start by picking your favorite tender range and select the model you like. Then you’re off to the races, choosing everything from the color of the inflatable tubes and upholstery to the equipment, instruments, and weather protection you need. It’s the ultimate way to get exactly what you want, infused with the legendary Williams quality and craftsmanship, all from the comfort of wherever you are in the world.

Williams Jet Tenders
Easily capable of pulling water-skiers and towing toys as well as reaching speeds in excess of 40mph, a Williams jet tender will let you pack more adventure into every day. Williams Jet Tenders

High Performance Engines

Given the itineraries where luxury yachts travel, having a reliable tender is key. The last thing any owner or crew wants is an engine that breaks down in a remote location, far from any parts or service. And although early jet propulsion systems had bugs to work out just like any other first-generation model, those days were left in the wake many years ago.

While many engine brands cater to the small yacht market, two of the most recognizable are BRP Rotax and Yanmar. Synonymous with jet propulsion, BRP Rotax has been producing high performance gas engines that power SeaDoo jet skis and boats for decades. Yanmar, on the other hand, has been an industry leader for generations delivering clean, quiet, reliable, and powerful diesel engines.

Recognizing their market leading quality, serviceability and parts availability, Williams chose to exclusively source their engines from BRP Rotax for their MiniJet, TurboJet, and SportJet lines and Yanmar for their larger DieselJet and EvoJet models.

Parts & Serviceability

A boat of any size brings one certainty to her owner – the need for maintenance. Which is why an important factor to consider when choosing a tender is the availability of parts and service, wherever you plan to explore.

Of course, even the best needs a little TLC now and then. When your tender requires attention, Williams proudly boasts a robust dealer network that provides coverage to keep your down time minimal wherever you are.

Williams is proud of its decades of expertise building the highest quality jet tenders. Their reputation for delivering extraordinary tenders that stand up to the rigors of yacht life while delivering unparalleled quality, performance and luxury is unmatched in the industry.

There’s simply nothing like a Williams Jet Tender.

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