Drink a Toast to these Great Wine Decanters

They’re decorative but also full of benefits for vino fans


March 29, 2021
wine decanter
Who’s is ready to up their wine game? Pexels

Wine decanters serve a number of purposes. They can sift out the sediment often found in older reds and vintage ports, as well as any cork that has dissipated into the wine during storage and transportation. Finally, there is the aesthetic affect. Decanters add a touch of class to your kitchen or bar. We’ve compiled a few suggestions for that next party or get together you’re invited to. But be careful. The perfect gift for that special wine lover might end up as a gift to yourself, too.

Le Chateau Wine Decanter - Hand Blown Lead-free Crystal Glass - Red Wine Carafe - Wine Gift - Wine Accessories

Stylish and smart

It’s designed to hold the contents of a standard 750 ml bottle of your favorite red. Le Chateau

This elegantly designed wine decanter by Le Chateau is well thought out. Engineered for the pour to disperse completely through its wide diameter (and thereby maximize aeration), it comes with an especially large and slanted spout that facilitates the smoothness of the pour while avoiding drips and spills. Hand blown and made of lead-free crystal, its classy yet modern design adds a nice touch of style to wet bars, kitchens, or really any room where wine is served.

YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter Set with Aerator Filter,Drying Stand and Cleaning Beads,Red Wine Carafe,Wine Aerator,Wine Gift,100% Hand Blown Lead-free Crystal Glass (1400ML)

Everything you need

Made of lead-free crystal and stylish as a stand-alone, the decanter’s wide bottom maximizes the aeration of the wine, assuring optimal taste. YouYah

Go ahead, make a wish. Wish that you didn’t have to wait very long for the full aerating effect of this decanter. With its updated waterfall pouring design and genie-bottle shape, the YouYah decanter aims to make that wish come true. The bottle stopper is engineered to accelerate the decanting effect by increasing the contact area between wine and air. So the full taste is there for you in less than five minutes. The set also includes an aerator spout to sift sediment and further oxidize the pour.

BTaT- Decanter with Drying Stand, Stopper, Brush and Beads XL, Hand Blown 100% Lead Free Crystal Glass, Wine Decanter, Wine Carafe, Wine Accessories, Red Wine Decanter, Wine Gift

Durable construction

The stainless steel stand is both beautiful and functional, drying the decanter upside down to eliminate the chance for drip spots to form. BTaT

One often overlooked part of owning that elegant decanter is that it needs to be cleaned. This set has everything you will need for that, as well as a cork stopper and drying stand. Like some of its competitors, it is made from hand-blown 100 percent lead-free crystal, and its wide-bottomed design touts maximum aeration.

Ullo Wine Purifier with Hand Blown Decanter and 6 Selective Sulfite Capture Filters, Restore the Natural Purity of Wine

Enhance the taste

By selectively removing the sulfite preservative, this decanter alleviates the headaches and hangovers that extra glass sometimes produces. Ullo Wine

Ever wake up wishing you had stopped before that last glass of wine? The Ullo Wine Purifier and Decanter set wants you to have the best of both worlds – morning and night. Better yet, all the wine tannin, flavors, and aromas contained in your pour are preserved, even enhanced by their removal. The wide bottom decanter is user friendly and a handsome addition to any kitchen or bar setup. Unlike many, it disassembles easily and is dishwasher safe.


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