Take Your Drinks to the Next Level with Whiskey Stones

Perfect for the home, boat or as a gift, this stones are designed for spirit aficionados

March 23, 2021
Whiskey stones cool your drink without watering it down. Unsplash

Searching for the perfect gift can be a challenge. We’ve all encountered a friend, family member, or associate who’s impossible to buy for. What to do? You can always go out and get the proverbial gift certificate. Or you can try something with a little more pizazz. Here’s a unique idea that just might fill some of those voids and make yours a memorable and much-appreciated tribute. You may even keep one for yourself. It’s a cool gift that not only keeps on giving but doesn’t take anything away – whiskey stones. Not familiar with them? Now is your opportunity to get acquainted.

Royal Reserve Whiskey Stones Set Husband Birthday Artisan Crafted Chilling Rocks Scotch Bourbon Glasses and Slate Table Coasters – Present for Men Dad Boyfriend Anniversary or Retirement

Full-service set

As an added feature, the durable 100 percent granite cubes are polished to avoid scratching even the most delicate glassware. Royal Reserve

Got a hard-to-get-a-gift-for dad, brother, or buddy? This eight-stone Whiskey Decanter set by Royal Reserve adds a touch of sophistication to any bar display or home office. It is encased in a classic buckled wooden box and equipped with an elegant crystal decanter, steel tongs, natural stone coasters, and two stylish 9-ounce (270 ml) old fashioned glasses. This is a mini minibar that travels well.

Set of 9 Grey Beverage Chilling Stones [Chill Rocks] Whiskey Stones for Whiskey and other Beverages - in Gift Box with Velvet Carrying Pouch - Made of 100% Pure Soapstone - by Quiseen

Resilient qualities

Because it is completely non-porous, it does not need to be sealed or coated, so you can easily drop them in your beverage or beverage container without worry and let them do their job. Quiseen

Buying for a wedding party, corporate team, or simply watching your budget? The more compact set of nine grey beverage chilling stones by Quiseen might be the way to go. The chill rocks come in an attractive gift box that includes a velvet carrying pouch – perfect for moving them in and out of the freezer or grabbing quickly when heading out the door to an event. The square stones are made of 100 percent soapstone. A naturally soft, smooth surface that is both non-abrasive and durable, soapstone is often used in laboratories because of its resilient qualities.

Exclusive Whiskey Stones Gift Set - High Cooling Technology - Reusable Ice Cubes - Stainless Steel Whiskey Ice Cubes - Whiskey Rocks - Whiskey Gifts for Men - Best Man Gift with Coasters + Ice Tongs


The innovative liquid core is designed to keep the stones cold for an extended period. Exclusive Whiskey

Some whiskey stones don’t seem to stay cold long enough. But not these. This gift set from Amerigo Make It Special seeks to solve that problem through its innovative high cooling technology. In each of the eight extra-large stainless steel cubes is a glycerol-infused liquid core designed to hold the cold for as many as four refills. And because the cubes are encased in steel, the risk of seepage is nil. The set comes inside a handsome midnight box for impressive presentation quality and includes two classically designed coasters and tongs.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set for Men | 6 Granite Whiskey Rocks Chilling Stones in a Classy Wood Tray | Gift-Ready Chilling Rocks for Drinks | Whiskey Gift For Men, Dad, Husband, Boyfriend

Fits the bill

The pure granite rocks and all-natural wood tray also assure your whiskey maintains a consistently clean, smooth taste, and a long-lasting chill. Whiskey Stones

Looking for the freeze without a lot of frills? This gift set from The Mixology and Craft Store fits the bill – and your freezer. The six-stone granite set lines up neatly in a custom-fit burnt-wood storage tray for convenient stowing. The 100 percent natural granite is polished so as to avoid scratching the inside of your Old Fashioned glasses.

Personalized Whiskey Stone Gift Set - Custom Engraved Drink Stones Box

Six design options

A classy gift for weddings, business associates, or anyone who appreciates keeping their fine liquor beverages ice cold. Whiskey Stone

Want to make an impression with your whiskey stones – literally? This personalized set from The Wedding Party Store should do the trick. Engraving is free, and there are six regal-looking designs to choose from. Enclosed in your personalized box made of genuine bamboo are nine stainless steel stones, a pair of stainless steel tongs, and a black velvet carrying pouch.


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