Best Mixes for Old Fashioned Cocktails

Just be warned that everyone will keep coming back for more

April 29, 2021
Craving a cocktail? These Old Fashioned mixes will help. Unsplash

Simple yet sophisticated. A favorite of the most discerning connoisseur. Many agree a fine whiskey is even more enjoyable when perfectly mixed with premium ingredients to create a coveted Old Fashioned cocktail. We recommend these mixes.

Strongwater Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup (Makes 32 Cocktails) Non-Alcoholic Drink Mixer - Handcrafted with Bitters & Organic Demerara Sugar

Well-balanced and layered

You’ll appreciate the organic cherries and orange zest, the perfect blend of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and bitter herbs. Strongwater

A chemist, an herbalist, and a mixologist walk into a bar – and create the perfect Old Fashioned cocktail syrup. Inspired by 16th century Strongwater shops, these experts combined their passion and knowledge to elevate traditional old world mixers and reimagine them. Each batch is hand-crafted using real, organic ingredients, calibrated to add a new dimension for your palate.

WithCo Ellis Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer (makes 32 Cocktails) with Madagascar Vanilla, Orange, and Bitters Just Add Bourbon or Whiskey

All natural, no preservatives

Fill your glass with ice, pour a half ounce of the mix along with 2 ounces of bourbon, whiskey or rye. WithCo

Be the ultimate host serving these up or simply winding down with a perfect Old Fashioned cocktail. WithCo deftly mixes Madagascar vanilla, orange, cinnamon, bitters, and pure cane sugar so you can create a quick and so-easy cocktail each time. Your guests will be impressed, and they will never know how little trouble you went to. WithCo stands for ‘With Company,” aptly named since sharing cocktails is truly a social experience. Impress the boss and up the level of sophistication in your backyard parties with these unique cocktails.

Hella Cocktail Co. Old Fashioned Premium Cocktail Mixers, 750ml (3 Bottle Set) - Made with All Natural Ingredients, Easy to Mix a Proper and Well-Balanced Old Fashioned Drink

Sophisticated convenience

It’s vegan and gluten-free, but refrigerate it after opening to keep it fresh. Hella Cocktail

The Old Fashioned cocktail has a rich history and infinite variations, which explains why it’s a classic we still enjoy today. Because Hella Old Fashioned cocktail syrup has the balance already put together for you, the rest of your job is easy. Just pour the syrup over ice and combine with your favorite whiskey. Add in few dashes of bitters if you want an added jolt of flavor.

Woodford Old Fashioned Bundle of Orange Bitters, Cherries and Old Fashioned Syrup

The artisan’s touch

It’s easy to like a blend of sweet aromatics, spice, fruit, and floral notes coming from a respected distillery. Woodford

This set includes the spice-barreled bitters, aromatics of orange and cherry, and a delicate blend of fine sugars. The distinctive bourbon cherries are handpicked in Oregon. Woodford Reserve’s orange bitters will add a citrus depth derived from gentian root and a hint of oak, from resting in repurposed Woodford Reserve barrels. It isn’t rocket science, but it’s definitely a highly skilled, time tested, precise science of its own.

Bartesian Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer Capsules, Pack of 6 Cocktail Capsules, for Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker (55357)

On-demand drinks

Every capsule contains the exact mixture for a single serving, and is dated to ensure freshness. Bartesian

You’ve made your investment in the Bartesian Premium Cocktail Mixer, you’ve loaded your favorite premium whiskey and water, and now all you need is to drop in the capsule. Made with high-quality ingredients for the perfect cocktail every time. You can even choose the strength you prefer for each individual drink. You’ll appreciate the real fruit juices and extracts with every sip. A must for every discerning Old Fashioned cocktail aficionado.


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