Play Room: NautiBuoy Platforms

NautiBuoy Marine’s inflatable platforms add space, convenience and fun.

NautiBuoy platforms expand on-the-water activity options for yacht owners.Courtesy NautiBuoy Marine

NautiBuoy Marine platforms are inflatable, rigid, modular setups that allow mariners to expand onboard recreational space and get closer to the water. The platforms come in four sizes and accommodate three to five adults. They have a water-ballast system for stability, as well as a ballast-dumping system that is designed to simplify breakdown. The platforms are constructed out of a durable PVC material with Kevlar reinforcements. They also have drop-stitched cores and either nonskid diamond or teak-effect foam finishes.

Achieving the optimum stability level took several years of refinement, according to the company. “We spent a lot of time in a local swimming pool doing stability tests on various [water-ballast] bag shapes, filming underwater with a GoPro, and analyzing how the [water-ballast] bags dumped,” says Clay Builder, NautiBuoy’s co-founder and sales director.

NautiBuoy platforms roll up for stowage, and they can be inflated for use in less than five minutes. NautiBuoy platforms can be used as private staging areas for launching or docking stand-up paddleboards, PWC, yacht tenders or even seaplanes. Optional accessories include boarding ladders for swimming, steps for easily transitioning back aboard, and foam-filled seats for ­lounging and sunbathing.Courtesy NautiBuoy Marine

Multiple NautiBuoy platforms can be linked together to create a stern-hung seaside hangout zone using NautiBuoy’s Air Toggle system, employing inflatable pins and soft loops (picture a door hinge). Additionally, NautiBuoy Marine’s platforms are equipped with lifting handles, stainless-steel D-rings and anchor points. The platforms can be inflated or deflated using a 12-, 110-or 220-volt electric pump (included).

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