The Electric Jetboard

The Radinn G G2X is an electrically powered watertoy that runs silently at 27 knots.

November 13, 2019
Riding the Radinn G2X electric jetboard
The Radinn G2X electric jetboard has a swap-out battery pack, so yacht owners can charge one while the other is in use. Courtesy Radinn

Radinn, a swedish company whose name is short for radical innovation, built its first ­electric jetboard in 2015. People liked riding along coastlines in silence, and the company learned important lessons about manufacturing.

“The biggest problem was that we weren’t a big company with established service centers around the world, but our clients have yachts and go from port to port,” says Head of Brand Experience Alex ­Fuehrling. “We learned that we needed to design it very modular, so we could ship just one module if a repair is needed.”

Radinn G2X electric jetboard size
Radinn builds the standard board with a 6-foot-2-inch length and a width of 2 feet, 8 inches. Courtesy Radinn

The second generation of that electric jetboard is the Radinn G2X, which became available about a year ago. So far, about 150 have been built, and Fuehrling says the company will soon start producing 100 a month, with manufacturing in Poland.


The idea is simple: Combine the fun of surfing with the silence of ­electric power in a way that is intuitive for ­beginners. Riders hold a silicone-molded controller and depress a button either a little or a lot, depending on how fast they want to go. When battery power gets low, the controller’s lights change and the controller vibrates, letting riders know it’s time to head back to the yacht and either recharge or swap out the battery.

“Everything is connected to an app as well,” he says. “You can see the GPS ­coordinates of where you’ve been riding or where the board has been. You could race a friend around an island and see which one took longer.”

The basic package ($11,490) includes the board, a battery pack and an overnight charger that charges the board in about eight hours. Upgrade to an extra-large battery pack (PowerPackXL) for $4,990 which provides users with an extra 45 minutes of use. The ultra-fast charger is $1,695 (100% charge in 2 hours; no added ride time), and additional battery packs ($3,490) can be swapped out.

Radinn G2X electric jetboard controllers
The silver button atop the handheld controller is for speed, while the lights show remaining battery power. Courtesy Radinn

This past summer in the Mediterranean, private yacht owners bought one or two battery packs, while charter yachts stowed three, Fuehrling says, adding that quite a few early adopters commented on how it feels to jetsurf silently: “It’s a very nice way to discover the surroundings.”

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