Stephen Colbert Sails to Second

Comedian Stephen Colbert and his crew captured 2nd place in the Charleston Bermuda Race.

Stephen Colbert Sails to Second

Stephen Colbert, host of the Colbert report and self proclaimed “best sailor in the world,” may have to change his title after this weekend when he finished second in the 777-mile yacht race from Charleston South Carolina to Bermuda.

Colbert and the rest of the Audi sponsored Spirit of Juno spent most of their 6 days at sea racing neck and neck with the family-based crew of the Tucana but fell short when the winds died down on the final leg of the race.

“I was hoping we would get here sooner but nature didn’t want to cooperate,” said Colbert. “It really doesn’t matter though it was all incredibly beautiful.”

Colbert traded in his signature dark suit and gelled hair for a pair of shorts, a baseball cap and an inch of white facial hair. Though he appeared to enjoy his time at sea he was happy to be back on dry land.

“The toilets held, but I was so happy to see a land-based toilet. The facilities here (at RBYC) seem like the bathroom at the Taj Mahal compared to what we’ve been using.”

Colbert competed in the race in 2005 only to cross the finish line in last place and was forced to fly back to the United States later that day. This time around he plans on exploring the island and relaxing on the beach with his family.