Stateroom Accessories

Whether you've got a full-beam master on a megayacht or a sailboat's V-berth, any stateroom can benefit from these sybaritic personal touches.


Sound Docking

Coming on the heels of its successful predecessor, the new SoundDock Series II ($300) from Bose allows you to listen to your iPod or iPhone with incredible clarity, and with enough volume to wake the entire mooring field. The SoundDock Series II has several new features, including auxiliary input jacks to connect it to a DVD or CD player, an MP3 player, or any other portable music device. An improved remote control system navigates among your playlists or artists, and controls system power and volume. Bose, (800) 999-2673; _****_

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Slip Into Style

When it comes time to take off the Top-Siders, slip into a pair of Del Toro shoes (starting at $135). With four different levels of embroidery and customization, the meticulously handcrafted velvet loafers have leather linings and soles. Available in a variety of colors, Del Toro shoes bring a dash of luxury to the yachtsman looking to walk his interior in comfort and style. Del Toro Shoes, (888) 242-1112;__ **_www.buydeltoro.com_**

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Cut Close

The Series 7 Shaver ($220) from Braun is the first shaver with an active head that oscillates at over 10,000 micro-vibrations a minute. Its face is three times more sensitive at adapting to the contours of the jaw, and has six times more flexing action than previous Braun shavers. Plus, Braun's patented clean and renew system will lubricate and charge your shaver, for a fresh start every time. Braun, (800) 272-8611;__ **_www.braun.com_**

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Snooze or Cruise

****The Wake to Weather alarm clock ($180) from Hammacher Schlemmer lets you hit the snooze and get the day's full forecast at the same time. The clock receives information from radio signals transmitting AccuWeather data from 152 U.S. locations at no fee, so there is no need for a computer or internet connection. A glance at the backlit face tells you the time, the current weather conditions, the forecast for the day, including high and low temperatures, and predicted conditions for the next two days. Equipped with a digitally tuned radio with radio Data System for song and station information, the clock has two alarm settings, and, most importantly, a prominent snooze button. Hammacher Schlemmer, (800) 321-1484;__ **_www.hammacher.com_**

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Sliced Thin

The OLED Digital Television ($2,500) from Sony uses breakthrough technology that boasts an unparalleled 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, providing deeper hues in a super-thin 3 mm panel. A clever screen design tilts to accommodate different viewing positions (15 degrees forward, 55 degrees backwards). Cruisers with power-management issues will appreciate the fact that OLED technology eliminates the need for backlighting, so it consumes approximately 40 percent less power than conventional 20-inch LCD screens. Sony, (877) 865-7669;__ ****