Spies and Steel Fences in Bermuda?

Security is high as AC35 teams try to protect and shield their tech advantages.

Oracle Team USA flying across the Bermudian waters.Courtesy Sam Greenfield

Sure, beautiful photos of Bermuda are everywhere online, with photos of the America’s Cup race boats being posted every time spectators can snag them from on shore. But when the boats are off the water, security is high.

Each cat is hidden at its team base, with steel fences lining the properties for added security. The public is not permitted access to the boats at these bases, and reporters are subject to security checks and escorts—who make sure the journalists are not carrying cameras.

Call it paranoia about the competition, but Oracle Team USA grinder Ky Hurst made no apologies when he told The Guardian, "Whenever we roll out the boat, they are always there taking photos. They are spying on us."

Oracle Team USA skipper Jimmy Spithill also appears to be feeling the gaze of a million eyes, telling The Guardian, "The defending champions usually have a target on their back and added pressure."