Simrad AP60: Pro-Level Pilot

Simrad’s AP60 is an entry-level, commercial-­grade autopilot that's worth a look.

Simrad AP60

Autopilot systems play a critical role underway, and many serious cruisers opt for a commercial-grade solution. Simrad’s AP60 is an entry-level, commercial-­grade autopilot that was designed to service this high-end, recreational-­level niche. The AP60 ($2,700) offers thruster integration for increased low-speed maneuvering, as well as two dedicated operational settings. Here, the autopilot learns your vessel’s performance characteristics under “Normal” and “Work” modes (e.g., trawling, towing or otherwise encumbered), allowing you to toggle between settings. The AP60 comes packed with advanced-level features — such as NoDrift steering and the ability to execute complex turn patterns (e.g., U-turns and S-turns) — and a large, high-contrast monochrome screen. The AP60’s heading controls include a series of buttons as well as a rotary knob, and the unit interfaces with other Simrad remote controllers.

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