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Armchair adventure helps ease the workweek blues.

Virtual Crew

Life is unfair. You just can’t always be out on the water, having swashbuckling adventures. But that’s where we come in. Yachting’s newly redesigned website features blogs from staff writers and contributors who can fill the lonely, aching gap between your real life and your time aboard!

Join George Sass, Sr., as he voyages from Scotland to Iceland aboard a Fleming 65, stopping at the Faroe Islands and battling heavy weather on the way to Reykjavik. Last month, senior editor Mary South left hearth and home to take Yachting readers on a 1500+ mile trip aboard Pelagic Australis, a 74-foot expedition sail boat—through the famed Beagle Channel, around Cape Horn, to the Falkland Islands, and on to Buenos Aires…Climb aboard!

You can read features on these trips in future issues of the magazine, but you can also log on to and experience these adventures, as they happened, with extra photos that won’t be in the magazine. A forum area allows you to leave comments and ask questions.


You can also follow Yachting electronics editor Ben Ellison’s PANBO blog as he keeps us up to date on the innovations that make our boating more fun and tackles the gremlins that drive us nuts.

Up next: George Sass, Jr., is working on a trip to the South Pacific and South will be bringing Bossanova, her 40-foot steel trawler, to Newport from New York soon. Sign on as virtual crew for these trips and our local knowledge, so adventure won’t pass you by.


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