Side-Power SE50 and SE25 Thrusters Now Available

The SE50 and SE25 thrusters from Side-Power can be used on new boats and refits.

January 24, 2018
Imtra Side-Power SE50
The Side-Power SE50 is designed to work with boats 27 to 37 feet in length. Imtra

Side-Power has released its SE50 and SE25 thrusters, which can be installed on new boats as well as refits.

The SE25 is designed for boats up to 24 feet length overall, while the SE50 is for 27- to 37-foot boats.

“More and more, boaters have come to expect options like bow thrusters on smaller vessels, and Side-Power has been at the forefront of thruster technology,” Peter Nolet, Imtra’s thruster specialist, stated in a press release. “The Side-Power range of small, powerful thrusters, with the addition of the 25 and 50 models, allows us to provide a solution for most small-boat applications.”

Imtra Side-Power SE25
Side-Power’s SE25 is designed for boats up to 24 feet length overall. Imtra

The 25 and 50 models are Side-Power’s first to incorporate a composite drive connection with a shear pin as a safety feature.

Choose your controls: The 25 and 50 models are available in SE (on/off control) or SEP (full proportional control) versions. The standard on/off version of the SE25 is $1,750; the price on the base SE50 model is $2,500.

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