See the Light

Imtra’s digital renderings let yachtsmen adjust every deck light’s intensity and angle before installation.

A rendering by Vision X.Courtesy Vision X

Vision X, a Washington-based light company, has long made renderings for commercial clients.

When Imtra began offering recreational boaters Offshore and PitMaster series LED lights by Vision X, "We said, 'Hey, we'd love to take advantage of that,'" says Kinder Woodcock, product development manager. This rendering is based on a Westport 112 with nine Offshore lights (5s, 9s, 12s and 20s, denoting the number of LEDs per light) at varying beam angles, all of which can be tweaked from narrow-focus to flood through the free service.

“I think it’s a huge help,” Woodcock says. “The average boater doesn’t know there are choices, that you can play around with the beam angles.”

Offshore Series

Stainless-steel brackets are designed to help the Offshore 12 withstand the elements. Offshore models are available in 3,300 to 11,000 effective lumens.Courtesy Imtra

PitMaster Series

This PitMaster 30 is part of a range that provides 11,000 to 22,000 effective lumens. Like the Offshore Series, Pit-Master lights come in white or black housing finishes.Courtesy Imtra