Sea Dragon 1200 Photo/Video Dive Light

Brighten up with this underwater attachment and say hello to beautiful underwater pictures.

March 7, 2014

Sea Dragon 1200

One of the biggest challenges of underwater photography is lackluster lighting. The Sea Dragon 1200 photo/video dive light ($400) resolves that issue by attaching to any SeaLife or GoPro camera.

Rated for a depth of 200 feet, the light produces 2,000 lumens, which is more than enough to get a great shot or double as a secondary diving flashlight.

A 100-degree, wide-angle beam illuminates everything in the scene you’re trying to capture without producing image hot spots, and a lithium-ion battery runs the LED light at full power for up to 75 minutes. SeaLife, 800-257-7742


Check out the video below to see the Sea Dragon 1200 Photo/Video Dive Light in action.


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