Saving to buy this Yacht is No Piece of Cake

The 281-foot super yacht Cakewalk is now on sale.

Saving to buy this Yacht is No Piece of Cake

Ahh to become the owner of Cakewalk, at 281-feet it is one of the largest yachts ever to be built in the United States. A yacht that is second only to the Corsair IV, which was built in Maine in 1930 for J.P. Morgan Jr. Could you really put a price on that? Well, apparently you can. For just one low payment of $215 million, it can be yours.

Built in Bridgeport, Connecticut, by Derecktor Shipyards, Cakewalk is believed to be the 38th largest yacht in the world. It boasts six decks as well as accommodations for 14 guests and a crew of 26.

It is unclear as to why owner Chris Gallagher, who closely monitored the building of Cakewalk, is selling it as he only took possession of the yacht last fall.

The yacht which is currently at port in the Middle East is being sold by Florida-based Merle Wood & Associates and London-based Burgess Yachts.

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