Sanlorenzo Redesigns Two Models

Eight units of the modernized SL76 and SL86 have already been sold.

San Lorenzo 86
San Lorenzo 76

For two decades, the SL72 and SL82 have been the entry-level models in Sanlorenzo’s GRP planing range. Now, both have been refreshed by Officina Italiana Design into the SL76 and SL86 (that's the SL86 shown above), with work by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta.

The new SL76 and SL86 join the other three yachts in the Sanlorenzo fleet: the SL96, SL106 and flagship SL118.

Officina Italiana Design was tasked with broadening the appeal of the models beyond the European market in general, and the Italian market in particular. Client requests from the United States, Russia, Eastern Europe and Asia led to features such as larger windows in the hull and superstructure, a lift platform at the stern in optional sizes, a seating and dining area on the bow, one of the largest flybridges in the yacht’s class (with room for a hot tub) and a more sculpted interior staircase meant to resemble a work of art.

Two layouts are available. The standard layout has a main-deck galley and is expected to appeal to Americans. The optional layout moves the galley belowdecks and repositions the VIP stateroom forward, using the full beam.

Technical features on the new SL76 and SL86 mirror what buyers find on the SL118. They include lower fuel consumption, a floating floor to minimize vibration and noise, and vacuum-resin infusion molding to control thickness and mechanical characteristics in both the hull and superstructure.