San Lorenzo Transport

Road closures are an unfortunate reality. Severe weather, construction and accidents can all make for a frustrating drive; but when Italian yacht builder San Lorenzo and its small army of coordinators shut down traffic in the city of Massa-Carrara to transport the 151-foot Achilles, they caused one of the coolest traffic jams we've ever seen.


This impressive nighttime transport took the sleeping steel giant from the Massa-Carrara shipyard to a local marina, three miles down a road. Onlookers were filled with “wonder and bewilderment, like children watching something they’ve never seen before,” says San Lorenzo captain Carlo Polleschi, who assisted in the delivery. San Lorenzo


When Achilles completed the five-hour trip, she was launched from a specially designed floating metal platform that resembles a submersible barge and gently lowered into the harbor. She is the fourth model in the company’s 151-foot series to splash, with two more in the works. San Lorenzo


San Lorenzo