Safer Paddling: What to Wear

Having the proper clothing and equipment is vital for comfort and safety.

In order to stay safe and comfortable, it's important to dress for the water temperature — not just the air temperature. Here are a few tips to make sure you are always properly prepared for a fun time on the water.

Tip 1: Dress for the Water

Your body can lose heat up to 25-times faster in cold water than it does in cold air. It's important to be aware of not just the air temperature, but also the water temperature and to dress accordingly. The smaller the person, the quicker he or she will lose heat. If you're out with your children, make sure they are properly layered.

Tip 2: Bring Extra Layers

The weather can change at any moment. Even if it's a hot, sunny day, bring extra layers in case of inclement weather.

Tip 3: How to Layer

Layering means two types of clothing: insulation and a shell. The insulation should consist of synthetic-based layers or fleece. Never wear cotton. And keep your layers in a dry bag.

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